happy clients


" Triple L Landscaping has been providing grounds maintenance service for Custom Foam Systems for over 10 years.  In that time the service provided has always been exemplary.  The property always looks neat and groomed, the flower beds weed free and in good trim and the hedges well maintained.  Without fail the lawn is cut on time.

      Every spring and fall they perform an excellent grounds clean up, far better then I’ve received by other services in the past, and never once have I had employees arrive in the winter without the lot being properly plowed out and salted down.  They do an excellent job keeping the docks and man doors clear as well, keeping the walkways well dusted with ice melter.

     I have always found their employee’s polite, courteous and willing to go the extra mile to make their customer happy.  Above and beyond this, they have provided value added services for me, in once case boring and cementing a new sign post into our parking lot (an excellent job, and far cheaper then my other quotes), in another removing top soil and grading in asphalt  grind-off to form an extra parking area for a very reasonable cost.

    In short, I would not hesitate to recommend Triple L Landscaping services to anyone in need of grounds keeping.  An excellent service, reasonable rates, friendly accommodating staff; a winning combination!"

Darren Constable


"When we had the big "green" guys plowing our snow, they would charge us for every site check performed and our bill was outrageous! Since switching to Triple L we admire their flat price monthly contract with salt included as well as 24/7 site patrols, They help us stay on budget and ensure our lot is always clean and black"
B. Tank

"Triple L provides excellent work at very reasonable prices! Summer and winter they always keeps our properties looking great!"
A. Weber